The Tories! With them, it is all just a little bit of history repeating. Their modus operandi and their general arrogance are so predictable that a two-year-old, let alone Nostradamus could predict the order of events.

  1. Assume a position of arrogant self entitlement, excluding all others as you plough on regardless of the collateral damage.
  2. Simulateneously back a course which will cause damage or loss to the majority while protecting the 1%, take credit for the stuff that the electorate likes and blame everyone else for your inadequacies even though you were directly responsible.
  3. Automatically assume you are going to get your own way.
  4. When you don’t get your own way, stamp your feet and try to make out it is the other party being the awkward one.
  5. When that doesn’t work, try and use parliamentary mechanisms and legal voodoo to bypass democratic processes.
  6. If that doesn’t work, just blatantly bribe the other party.

The 2017 United Kingdom general election took place on Thursday 8 June 2017, having been called just under two months earlier by Prime Minister Theresa May on 18 April 2017 after it was discussed in cabinet.  It met all of the pre-requisites of Tory tick-box checking.

The Tories having already taken us off the brexit cliff and with arrogance at hand that their course was the only one, regardless of the harm it would cause could not bring themselves to even contemplate the pasting they were about to recieve, losing their majority in the process. The arrogance displayed in the run up to that announcement was astounding, ploughing ahead, regardless of public sentiment.

Then came the utilisation of the democratic vote to try and re-enforce their flawed opinions, not merely an arrogance that they would win an outright majority, but that they were automatically entitled to win because afterall they were the tories.

Stamping their feet and blaming everyone but themselves for every problem, we saw modern politics hit them where it hurt, taking their majority and leaving them dumbfounded. Of course this time they amalgamated the use of parliamentary mechanisms and added in bribery to that to secure them a majority through a confidence and supply arrangement with the DUP. £1 Billion was the price tag.

Now we have seen the result since that election.

  1. They have assumed a position of arrogant self-entitlement, excluding all others as they ploughed ahead with Brexit negotiations, promising to be inclusive across party lines while speaking in public and including the devolved administrations. Of course, those promises had the consistency of wet pasta.
  2. When that didn’t work, they bowed to factions within their own party such as the ERG, who let’s face it, want a hard Brexit because they are part of the 1% and it is highly convenient that in a few months the EU is deploying new laws for tax avoidance. Bowing to the will of the 1%, dismissing everyone else.
  3. When that didn’t go as planned, may steamed ahead regardless, a deal already rejected a plan which is the worst of all options, dismissive of any input and going through ministers like they were cattle.
  4. When that didn’t work, it wasn’t, of course, her inadequacies as a politician, as a party leader and a Prime Minister that were to blame, oh no! it was the European Union, it was the Labour Party, it was the SNP, it was all of the other parties, it was the speaker, it was space aliens, it was….you get the idea!
  5. May assumed she was going to get her own way, constantly spouting the line that it was this deal or no deal. But that’s simply not the truth, it was her own red-lines and refusal to move that precipitated the severe defects in the EU Withdrawal Agreement, but like a thousand times before the Tory party have attempted to shift that blame to the EU boogie man, which is exactly the reason that we find ourselves in this mess in the first place.
  6. She didn’t get her own way and like a petulant child she attempted to usurp democratic processes by using parliamentary mechanisms to run down the clock, playing a game of chicken with the lives of 64 million people. But it’s OK for her, she’s wealthy as are many in her party. They will not feel the effects of a hard brexit like you or I.
  7. When that didn’t work she stamped her feet, putting forward the same deal with some tweaks and demanding that MP’s vote for it again in February, leaving little time for panic preparations. It will be a political bloodbath.

And so we sit and we wait for the end to come…….oh! wait! we missed something. Bribery!

What surprised me on the last one is that things were so predictable that Labour seems to have pre-empted Theresa May. We were all expecting Theresa to promise vast sums of money in return for MP’s backing the deal but John Mann of the Labour Party has gone full blown Jerry Maguire, declaring “SHOW US THE MONEY!”

During an interview with BBC News, John Mann brazenly declared that Theresa May should “show the money” to Labour MPs on the opposition and Tory benches who supported Leave stating that she should offer funding for their constituencies in return for MP’s backing the Withdrawal agreement.

He stated:

“What is going on is some good dialogue I can tell you that. I’m hoping and anticipating the Prime Minister will come back with something significant. If she does, the chances of Labour MP’s from those Leave areas who don’t want a referendum, voting for her deal, I would say undoubtedly goes up.”

“So I think it’s inevitable that the political arithmetic says that she will come back with something significant, but it’s also what she said when she became Prime Minister.

“So we’re simply saying to her that’s what you said, show us the money.”

A clearly stunned Simon McCoy responded: “It’s a bribe isn’t it?”

To which the Labour Brexiteer MP replied: “It’s not a bribe at all, you see I voted Brexit and I’ve voted for the deal already.” As if that somehow makes cash for votes any less repugnant.

“So I can’t be bribed, it’s about ensuring that we get the best for our area.”

The problem with Mr Mann’s asserting is that Theresa May and the Tories have made a lot of promises over the Brexit negotiations and have also broken most of them. It is categorically stupid to assume that they would live up to any financial pledge they made to MP’s, not to mention the fact that the public already has a very low opinion of Parliamentarians at the moment, the public equivalent of brown envelopes is certainly not going to help in that perception. How are staunch labour supporters supposed to read this? All that the Tories have to do to get Labour to vote with them is to give them some short term cash. It’s the political equivalent of prostitution, the only difference is that everyone gets screwed in the process!

This isn’t pretty woman! The Tories aint’ no Richard Gere, the political and financial wellbeing of millions of people isn’t Julia Roberts, you aren’t going to see Theresa May riding in with her head sticking through the sunroof of a limo blaring opera music with a flower in hand and there isn’t going to be a fairy tale ending!