Just before the summer recess of Parliament, there were clear signs emerging from both sides of the Conservative party that Mays days as leader of the party are numbered. With high profile resignations and both the Leave and the Remain sides of her party getting frustrated by her failure to control the party and its direction she tried and failed to start the summer recess early in order to stop a leadership challenge.

However, with the number of scandals reported over the last month, many are asking her to go.

A recent poll conducted by Conservative Home stated that over 45% of those polled want May to go immediately, a huge jump from the 21 per cent in June

Reports released in the press yesterday that the UK Security services may have bugged EU officials and also that the EU has now rejected the chequers deal due to the inherent destabilising nature of the proposal for the single market, will more than likely increased this number since the poll was conducted a few weeks ago.

The conservative home membership polls are always extremely reliable in terms of the information they garner on the intentions of the grassroots members with regards to certain issues. A poll saying that 45% of members want her to go will no doubt have number 10 worried.

All we can say is that the first day back after the summer recess should be interesting and September may end up being the end of May.

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