On the 1st of September 2018, Forward as One will hold the second annual Parade and Rally for Scottish Independence in Dunfermline. This is a follow-up to the highly successful 2017 event by the same name.

Events will include a parade through the town, which the organisers are calling on all in attendance to do something a little different this year by asking them to sing their way through the town. A list of the songs being sung on the parade is available here.

The parade will begin at Viewfield Terrace at 11am, heading down Eastport, Dunfermline High Street and into Pittencrieff Park. The route can be found here.

The Yes Bikers for Scottish Independence will hold an honour guard for those on the parade at the entrance to the park.

Vehicles will be taking part in this parade. Information on taking part in a vehicle can be found here.

The Rally will commence at 11.45 in Pittencrieff Park, one of the largest open-air areas in the central belt, gifted to the people of Dunfermline by leading industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

The Graham Brown Band will commence the festivities as the opening act.

One first for yes events is the 4 man skydiving team which will descend into the park during the opening act.

 There will be a range of musicians and speakers throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing everyone there:

Commenting on the day, Convener of Forward as One Martin Keatings said:

“These events are the lifeblood of the campaign. They allow people from every walk of life to come together in one place and exchange thoughts and ideas and discuss the movement regardless of party affiliations. They give a boost to everyone in attendance and show yes supporters and undecided voters in local towns and communities that the Yes Movement is still very much alive. As symbolism goes they are powerful, it being that it is a plethora of people from many political backgrounds and of none, coming together to walk side by side and always moving forward.

“Dunfermline has a special place in the Yes Movements calendar because of the historical nature of the town, final resting place of a Scottish King it was also the last capital of Scotland where sovereignty truly lay in Scotland before the Union of Crowns in 1603. The route we walk is one of the oldest cities in Scotland and the park which we hold the rally portion of the event was gifted to the people by leading industrialist Andrew Carnegie, one of the fathers of modern economics.

We look forward to seeing everyone in attendance and hope they enjoy the days festivities”.