We are pleased to announce the launch of New Direction from Forward as One, part of what we are calling Project Damocles.

In the coming months, Forward as One is investing considerable time and energy in creating new and unique facilities, creating new twists and enhancing existing facilities while tailoring them for the needs of the Yes Movement.

New Direction is what we like to term a Yes News Hub and is being launched in 3 phases. Phase 1 is the introduction of the aggregated content. When complete, New Direction will allow Yes supporters a single place to get a hold of all the news from important outlets.

The three phases are:

Aggregated Political Party Content – This is press releases and news updates which are published by the pro-independence parties. Each time they post new updates we aggregate the content directly to our site so Yes Supporters can see all of their updates in one place.

Link only content – We understand that there are many pro-independence sites out there and we also understand that many of them are sustained by advertising revenues. That is why we are not aggregating their articles. Instead, New Direction will show you the featured picture in their article, the headline and a small excerpt. When you click on it, it will open the site on which the original article was posted, thereby ensuring we do not disrupt their traffic, while also increasing their exposure to those coming to our site and simultaneously allowing the Yes Movement to see these articles while browsing the pro-indy content on the New Direction Site.

Our Writers – In the coming weeks we will be putting out a call to anyone who wishes to write for us. We will issue login details where authors will be able to post their own content (subject to review by our editor to ensure that posts meet the guidelines). The purpose is to offer a non-partisan (other than pro-independence) approach to community-driven reporting and commentary.

You will see things change slightly in the coming days as we finish setting everything up. However, the site is functional and available for use now.