An amendment tabled in Holyrood by SNP’s Derek McKay which would have modified an amendment to Scotlands Future Economy by Richard Leonard, Labours Leader in Scotland has been voted against by both Labour and the Tories.

The amendment which inserted the words “urges the UK Government to support Scottish industry by providing an additional £388 million to match the Scottish Government’s commitment of £1,584 million to deals and additional investments in city regions; recognises that the biggest threat to Scotland’s economy, including its industrial sector, is leaving the EU, and calls on the UK Government to rule out a no deal Brexit” to the end of Richard Leonards amendment would have added further pressure to the UK Government not to go down the route of a no-deal Brexit.

However, despite the position of Labour in London that there should be no no-deal Brexit, Labour chose to vote down the amendment in the Scottish Parliament.

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said following the vote:

“Labour has consistently failed to lift a finger to oppose Tory threats of a hard Brexit.

 “With the incompetence of this blundering Tory Party on show for all to see and neither Jeremy Corbyn nor Richard Leonard able to offer a straight answer on their Brexit plans, the SNP will continue to fight for what’s best for Scotland’s future. 

 “Labour has been posted missing on the biggest political challenge facing Scotland. They have never seemed more out of touch with their own party members, let alone the rest of the country.

Thankfully, despite Labour and the Tories joining force to try and stop the motion passing, the SNP and Greens and Liberal Democrats ensured it passed 70 votes to 47.